About the Artist​​


Jordan Callahan grew up in Pittsburgh as an avid artist. He has been drawing since 2005, when he was a second grader sketching pictures from comic books. While most rational little kids looked up to sports stars or famous singers, Jordan preferred the local caricature artists as his heroes.


After a summer class on caricaturing and lots of practice, Jordan... produced a lot of ugly caricatures. So, he practiced every day until he got his style down and began to get the likenesses of the subjects he drew. Soon Jordan began to travel the Tri-state area and do what he believes is the coolest job in the world.


Today, Jordan is a college student in Pittsburgh. When not running late for classes or doodling in his notes, he is drawing caricatures for weddings, fundraisers, birthday parties, festivals, libraries, theaters, and high school proms.