Questions for the Artist

What is a caricature?


It is a picture of a person or thing that is exaggerated in some way so to grab attention in a comedic way. Essentially, the caricatures that I do are part portrait and part cartoon.






How long have you been doing caricatures?


I've been doing them since 2013. It has taken plenty of practice though, especially in the beginning when I was just realizing how the makers are permanent and that I would have to never make a mistake again!


How many caricatures can you do in an hour?


For black and white caricatures, I can do around 15 to 17 an hour. With color, I can do between 8 and 10.




What types of events do you work at?


I can draw anywhere! I've been to birthday parties, proms, weddings, festivals, Bar mitzvahs, corporate parties, grand openings, reunions, graduations, Christmas parties, and more. Bonus points to you if you can bring me aboard for an event not included on the above list!

Can you do custom/gift caricatures?


Yes, I can. I just need an email with a picture of the person and a theme or description and for what occasion the caricature is for (party, graduation, retirement, etc.). The caricature will later be mailed to you.



Tell me a story from a caricaturing job.


I was working at a school dance event and one fellow enjoyed his caricature drawing a lot. Ten minutes later, he somehow came back with a full rotisserie chicken (the kind you'd get at Giant Eagle) as a thank you!